Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Clearly this conversation is a shoe-in...

As far as ridiculous conversations that progressed from an auto-correct fail go, this has to be both the strangest I've had and the most impressive, if only because it illustrates how well-read we both are under the lunacy...

Facey McBones:
Hey noodle. You still ok for me to come
over after work today?

Charlie Blowfly:
Yep looking forward to it

I plan to poke you with socks and things

Wtf phone – how is me poking her with
socks going to help?  What happened to
the sticks?

Facey McBones:
Apparently not as terrifying as socks

Charlie Blowfly:
Few things are in my experience.

Facey McBones:

Charlie Blowfly:
... my experience may be limited.

Facey McBones:
I thought it might

Charlie Blowfly:
Of sticks. I have lots of sock-related

I’ve read all the classics.

Facey McBones:
You’re beginning to veer slightly into
obscure land here m’dear

Charlie Blowfly:
A Tale of Two Socks

The Taming of the Shoe

Facey McBones:
Oh Christ

To Kill A Stockingbird

Charlie Blowfly:
ROFL well done

Facey McBones:

Charlie Blowfly:
The Adventures of Sherlock Hose

Moby Sock

Facey McBones:
In Search of Lost Darn

Charlie Blowfly:
Adventures of Tom Sawyer and
Huckleberry Fishnets

Not to mention of course Shakespeare’s
A Comedy of Slippers

Facey McBones:
The Foot Soldier

Charlie Blowfly:
Don Quixote of Leg Warmer

Facey McBones:
On par with The Great Socksby I’ve always

And who could forget Charlotte’s Legs

Charlie Blowfly:
And Victor Hugo’s French revolutionary
masterpiece Les Chausettes

Facey McBones:
Ohh nice one

Charlie Blowfly:
Or that great tale of swashbuckling
adventure, The Man in the Iron Booties

Ooh ooh – The Jungle Sock by Rudyard Kipling

Or even Ivanhose

Facey McBones:
I always preferred The BFG
(Big Frilly Garter)

Even Denier Fair

Charlie Blowfly:
Oh well if it’s children’s books you
want then you can’t go past Kipling’s
Just Sock Stories

Or Anne of Green Garters

Green Legs and Ham is pretty
good too

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