Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Inaugural Fancypants Ever-So-Important oh fuck this shit I need coffee...

Yeah so I totally wrote this wicked funny first post and promptly accidentally deleted the whole blog.

I also instinctively feel that there should be some form of disclaimer here (read at your own risk, c-bomb dropped with monotonous regularity, leave your sanity on a nail by the door etc) but I think I will let my erstwhile partner in crime handle that.

So yeah - hi. We're totally hilarious. Except now that we've made a blog for the purposes of displaying said hilarity to the world I actually have nothing to say. As in, NOTHING to say.




  1. FIRST! BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHHAHAAAA oh caffeine why have you deserted me?!

  2. WE NEED A MEETING OF IMPOSSIBLE PROPORTIONS WHERE WE HAVE TO GET OUR BUSINESS ON AND DISCUSS THINGS....otherwise we're likely to break something. Or someone. Probably both if we're honest.


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